Redshift 6 - Variable character synthesizer

Supermassively dense analog oscillator combined with a chameleon analog filter with versatile gain staging. Now sixfold.

Redshift 6 combines technology from the company’s previous products, the Demon Core Oscillator and the Neutron Flux Filter. Each of the six voices features a DCO with analog waveforms generated under digital control. The filter core is an analog 4-pole state variable filter also digitally controlled to act like almost any classic vintage synthesizer filter and more. In addition to the oscillators and filters, Redshift 6 has all the features expected of a modern synth – plenty of modulators, flexible voice routing, multitimbrality, MPE, and DSP effects.

Redshift 6’s idea is something that is wrapped in the moniker “Variable Character Synthesizer”. Each voice’s analog path regarding tuning, gain staging, filter, and more is under strict digital control. Redshift 6 has as lush and warm sweet spot inspired by the analog polysynth tradition, but it can also cover the full range from almost digitally sterile and clean to distorted misbehavior and beyond. No modeling here – it’s all analog until the bypassable stereo DSP effects processor.

The oscillator, already road-tested in the Demon Core Oscillator eurorack module, is featured in each of the six voices. The oscillator has multiple tricks up its sleeve, each one wrapped as an Engine for the user to choose between. Traditional twin oscillator engines, supersaw engines, flanging phase sync engines, and transistor organ engines are all powerful modes in user-friendly ways that are easily controllable and modulatable.

Redshift 6’s six voices can be configured in plenty of ways. Choose between true six-voice polyphony, classic vintage poly dual layer mode with 3+3 voices, six individual voices each with their own patch and physical output, or any combination of the above. Each of the six voices can also operate as a paraphonic voice with up to 16 note paraphony. Additionally, multiple filters can be chained by routing audio from one voice to another.

The form factor of Redshift 6 is a modern, compact desktop device with a 2.7-inch color screen. Menu diving is reduced to a minimum, with quick navigation via the shortcut button grid. A selection of familiar synth controls are featured on the front panel. A macro mode is included with six user-assignable controls. The back panel features main audio outputs with a DSP effects processor and four auxiliary voice outputs.

One of the major design principles of Redshift 6 is to have a versatile and capable analog platform and a flexible UI for new Engines, easily updateable via software updates.

Supercritical Redshift 6 Desktop synthesizer module – Technical specifications

  • Six voices each featuring:
    • Full analog signal chain
    • Digitally controlled analog Supercritical Demon Core Oscillator
    • Analog four pole Variable Character Filter
    • Flexible gain staging with an analog boost circuit
    • Physical audio output per voice (2 main outputs and 4 aux outputs)
    • Optional voice chaining
  • Bypassable digital effects in main outputs 1-2
  • 2.7″ TFT IPS color screen with a bank of 8 endless clickable potentiometers and quick navigation via button grid
  • Quick powerful controls for oscillators and filters.
  • Six user-assignable macro controls
  • Six parts multitimbral
  • Modern MIDI implementation with USB-B connection and DIN IN/OUT
  • MPE
  • 12V power supply
  • Physical dimensions: 378 mm x 254 mm x 63 mm

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