16 Voice Demon Core Oscillator

The Demon Core Oscillator is a powerful hybrid eurorack module which produces up to 16 analog saw or pulse waves which can be configured to different depth stacks for octaves or unison. The voices can be spread statically or animated with our special core stability control. The phases of the waves can also be controlled for massive bass or brass sounds. The outcome can range from the razor-sharp tuning of a DCO to a malfunctioning VCO. …or a gargantuan swarm of them.

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Demon Core Expander

The companion Demon Core Expander stretches the capabilities of the Oscillator way further. It allows polyphonic control of the 16 voices via CVs and MIDI, bringing accessible and playable polyphony to the eurorack world. A sync time control allows a form of time travel for the phase sync feature. The oscillator may be played in polyphonic MIDI gated mode with ADSR envelopes to shape the individual notes. It just might also have some hidden CV tricks up its sleeve.

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16 Voice DEMON CORE OSCILLATOR sound samples


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16 Voice Demon Core Oscillator – 490€

Demon Core Expander – 280€

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